Kenny Lambert

Iron Sheepdog, a premier end-to-end technology platform and mobile app to manage short-haul trucking, has expanded its footprint into Maryland. As a company committed to delivering a high level of customer service and being a partner in providing a complete trucking solution, the company has also hired Kenny Lambert to help service contractors and brokers in the new region.

Lambert brings decades of industry experience – working in a variety of ready mix, aggregates, paving and dispatching positions. He’s excited to be part of bringing a solution that addresses the complexity in the dump truck industry and presents a solution that encourages everyone to work toward a common goal.

“The Iron Sheepdog platform brings transparency that helps reduce or eliminate many of the issues plague dump truck hauling,” Lambert says. “It makes it easier to get contractors, brokers and haulers all working together as part of a team.”

Continuing to add industry expertise has been a priority for Iron Sheepdog as it grows. Jake Liebler, CEO of Iron Sheepdog, believes the combination of industry know-how and service are what sets its technology solution apart.

“Technology is a powerful tool and I’m proud that our solution helps, not only contractors, but brokers and haulers be more efficient,” Liebler explains. “But technology alone is not a complete solution. Iron Sheepdog brings together the technology, in-depth industry experience and the customer service to address every aspect of hauling.”

Lambert will provide support to contractors and brokers in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region. He will serve as a resource to help connect haulers, brokers and contractors, as well as provide in-person training and assistance.

I’m excited to have Kenny on our team,” says Liebler. “He understands the priorities of the industry and will serve as a valuable resource across all our customers.”