Dump truck hauling. It’s something that many businesses need, but that doesn’t always make it a highlight of the day. Lining up the right trucks for the job, making sure they arrive on time, working efficiently and reliably, then making sure they are paid requires a lot of coordination and effort. For many businesses, trucking is a necessary evil. It’s expensive, time consuming and is a drain on resources.

Whether you have an internal fleet or hire external fleets to get the job done, dispatch services are notoriously challenging.

Until now.

Here are just a few features you should look for when evaluating a dump truck dispatch service:

1. Customer Service

Having a dispatcher that is available, courteous and reliable means that you can expect a fleet that reflects those same qualities. Businesses need to know when they order trucks that the right kind of trucks will be on the job, on time and ready to work. And when issues arise, businesses need a dispatcher that will problem solve on their behalf. It is important to evaluate solutions and whether it helps customers, dispatchers and brokers with tools that make it easier to do business.

2. Reliability

Time is money. When the job is ready to start, so should your haulers. Contractors and brokers cannot afford to waste time and money hunting down trucks that are not on time or at the wrong location. Having trucks when you need them is paramount to a smooth running worksite.

3. Automation

Dump truck hauling has been a manual process since the dawn of the industry. Independent operators, multiple phone calls, handwritten tickets and manual timekeeping provide an inconsistent experience. You should look for a dispatch system that is backed by a technology solution that will automate away the chaos.

4. Improved Communication

Trying to communicate with a fleet of trucks in real time has always meant multiple phone calls, risking time and safety. Having a way to easily communicate directly to the fleet in real time is critical when there are changes on the job.

5. Better Cash Flow

Paying dozens to even hundreds of haulers is inconvenient and outdated. Businesses risk a diminished cash flow position as they await payment from their customers. They also face the burden of having to validate and track multiple payments. Having a dispatch solution that not only arranges the haulers and tracks their work, but pays them as well eliminates hassle. One invoice, paid on set terms makes managing hauling needs simple.

6. Trackability / Actionable Data Collection

Having a dispatch solution backed by technology means that businesses have access to information that will help them find efficiency, document important metrics and analyze workflows.

7. Customization

Different jobs require different terms. Hauling jobs may be hourly, by the load or by tonnage. Businesses need a dispatch system that can adapt to the parameters of every job. Do you need to sort data by truck number or by job? Your dispatch solution should be able to help you get what you need.

Iron Sheepdog provides the tools to manage end-to-end dispatch. Designed to make hauling simple and smart, the Iron Sheepdog platform gives contractors and brokers the tools they need to manage trucking, letting dispatchers or brokers handle every aspect of scheduling and tracking. Haulers are paid directly through the platform without chasing paper tickets or checks. Iron Sheepdog was designed by people who know and use hauling services, so it has been designed to provide a complete solution.