Haul, yeah!

Our team creates an efficient and service-based short haul solution with modern tools that improve the bottom line.

We work together to ensure that brokers, contractors, material suppliers and haulers have what they need to be more successful. We have respect for each other and trust in our ability to problem solve on behalf of our contractors. Our team wants to change the way users think about the dump truck hauling and we are committed to deliver on our brand promise to make hauling simple and smart. And we want to have fun while we do it…haul, yeah!

Core Values


We believe in serving customers and haulers to help make their jobs easier.


Brokers and contractors are in control of their trucking and our haulers are in control of their business. We give everyone the tools to take control.


We provide an easy-to-use technology platform with effortless implementation.


We take the guesswork out of hauling with features that let you see your trucks, access hours, loads or tonnage, and several reports each day. Haulers know what they will be making and they see their account balance as it grows.


We want to make the hauler’s job easier and we want to help the broker and construction contractor run a more efficient operation.


We designed a company where every team member is empowered to help. We work together to make sure that Iron Sheepdog works for you.


Our product is reliable and our dispatch and analytic tools - paired with our customer service - will ensure that you have what you need, when you need it.


We believe in conducting our business with the highest level of integrity. We will work to resolve disputes and address concerns in real time and with real solutions.


We are introducing a new and better way to manage short haul trucking by combining service and technology.

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