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Helping you handle every aspect of dump truck hauling.

Our trucking technology platform and mobile app can manage everything from ordering trucks through truck tracking and verification, digital ticketing, invoicing and direct hauler payment.

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Our trucking technology is changing the way brokers, contractors, material suppliers and haulers think about short haul trucking.

  • We help brokers and contractors that are bidding and estimating jobs.
  • Our technology helps dispatch with the ebb and flow of trucking needs for any job.
  • With Iron Sheepdog, brokers and project supervisors can understand true trucking costs, accurately apply project cost codes and implement strategies to create efficiency.


We connect the functions of ordering, truck tracking, analyzing and payment.

Set up jobs, request haulers, set rates

Track & Analyze
Monitor jobs in real time, communicate directly with the fleet, adjust to changing conditions, comprehensive load cycle analysis, track DBE requirements, and daily job costs

Invoice & Pay
One invoice with terms for the customer, direct deposit payment for haulers with options for next day pay

24/7 Customer Support

Iron Sheepdog pairs our technology with outstanding customer service. Our team is there to make sure you get the most out of our technology, with data-driven dispute resolution. We are invested in your job’s safety and success.

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Our Technology

Whether you are a broker, contractor, or hauler, our technology is designed to help you move more with less hassle. We connect all the functions of ordering, tracking, analyzing and payment on one platform.

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Mobile app
Haulers accept jobs, check in and out, collect signatures and upload tickets.

Track & Analyze
You can monitor jobs in real time and collect data to help you analyze and maximize your efficiency.

Invoice & Pay
Invoices are clean and interactive, allowing you to sort, validate and generate reports with a click.

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