Streamline Your Hauling Operations

Improve Reliability,Increase Transparency,& Relieve Administrative Burden.

Iron Sheepdog solves the broker & hauler pain points, so everyone is incentivized to do their best work.

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Visibility of hauler acceptance rates, location.

Know who has accepted the job in real time, track check ins/outs and truck location via GPS tracking.


Load cycle analysis and interactive maps for operational insights.

A unified view of operations with real time analytics provides helps you identify issues early and make adjustments.

Burden Free SOP

Reduce Administrative Burden

Digital ticketing, Cost Codes, Invoices

Approve, deny or flag tasks daily, generate invoices easier than ever before, and know trucking costs in 24 hours.


Join the Nation's Largest Broker Network

Our broker network gives you access to work. Separate yourself from your competition by providing your customers transparency, daily trucking cost, digital ticketing and invoicing. As an Iron Sheepdog broker, contractors know to expect efficient, reliable, trucking.


"I’m able to use my time in other areas now that we run with Iron Sheepdog... There's no software out there in the trucking world that brings the features and customer service Iron Sheepdog brings. They are a true partner"

James “Butterbean” Norris

Predestined Trucking LLC

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