She’s the name and the face behind Lady Lockley’s Trucking, based in Newport News, Va., but Serita Lockley wears many hats. This #dumptruckkween is a busy entrepreneur with her sights set high. At the same time, she is extremely dedicated to helping people new to hauling achieve their own dreams of success.

Lockley started out as a driver in 2005 and later began her own business as an owner/operator in 2010. She gambled everything she had to purchase her first truck, which she eventually expanded to a fleet of thirteen trucks. Lockley grew her name and her business through grit and hard work.

Lockley had experience brokering a handful of trucks, but that shifted gears when she learned about Iron Sheepdog in 2020. With a technology platform that facilitates dispatching services, automated timekeeping, digital tickets, invoicing and digital hauler payments, Lockley used Iron Sheepdog to increase her capacity as a broker and today manages as many as 40 to 50 trucks with capacity for more.

Her vision is simple, “I want to kill it.”

Lady Lockley’s Trucking and its namesake owner prove that anyone willing to put in the work can build and operate a successful business. Lockley often dispenses advice on social media about working hard and appreciating life’s gifts. Her passion for trucks, work ethic and positive attitude resonates with more than 4,000 followers.

Why Iron Sheepdog?

According to Lockley, working through the platform saves time and hassle. She uses Iron Sheepdog to set up and dispatch haulers, track her jobs and haulers in real time, collect digital tickets and approve hours or loads each day. And with payments going directly to her haulers through the platform, Lockley doesn’t have to waste any time chasing down paper tickets, manually reconciling hours, or cutting dozens of checks each week.

“ISD has made life easier and it’s also a way to entice haulers as well,” Lockley adds.

Interested? Learn more about how Iron Sheepdog can help you grow your business.

Just a regular hero.

In 2020, Lockley was featured on Amazon Prime Video’s series Regular Heroes for her role in providing help to her community during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s owned multiple companies in her career and her keen business sense has helped her gain tremendous professional success not to mention, she’s eager to share the lessons that she has learned along the way.

Lockley is honest, authentic and comfortable in her skin – traits that help her navigate discussions with truckers as well as negotiate millions of dollars in trucking with contractors of every size. Her desire to succeed is matched only by her desire to help build others up, making her an ideal role model for any entrepreneur.

Lockley operates a consulting business for people just getting started or looking to expand their knowledge of the trucking industry. Like Minded Links, LLC advises clients about navigating the business world, with practical advice about ways to grow and pitfalls to avoid.

Lockley’s appearance on Regular Heroes has turned into several publicity opportunities. She’s been featured in Out Front Magazine and on the Truck N’ Hustle podcast, and her sage advice is available to her clients and followers daily.

“Truckers make the world go around,” adds Lockley. “I do what I love and I love what I do.”