This has been a confusing time for the world as we grapple with COVID-19 and the many ripple effects that come from bringing most of the country’s economy to a halt. In light of all the unprecedented action that has been taken to try and stem the spread of the virus, we at Iron Sheepdog count ourselves fortunate because our construction partners have continued to operate essential services and we have been able to safely meet their trucking demands throughout this pandemic.

Using web-based technology and a mobile app, Iron Sheepdog integrates the business functions of setting up, tracking and documenting job details, load verification, invoicing and supply chain management.

We believe strongly that using the Iron Sheepdog platform is good business and we know the short haul industry is headed in this direction. We also recognize that COVID-19 will force the changes that were coming anyway to come a little faster.

Hygiene is a primary concern in every industry around the world and paper ticketing systems, which are currently under scrutiny, will likely become a thing of the past. Our solution is paperless, which allows our construction partners and operators to remain safe. Digital systems are the foundation of Iron Sheepdog. From set up to ticketing and electronic signatures,

We’ve taken steps to ensure that dump truck operators understand the safest practices to conduct their business, including good hygiene and practicing social distancing.

The need for cost savings will be even greater as we dig out from the economic impacts from this shutdown.

How can we help?
Iron Sheepdog offers a technology solution that goes beyond digital ticketing. Our solution offers:

  • Safety – All the business of short haul trucking can be managed without exchanging paper.
  • Accuracy – Our system can track drivers, clock in/out times and invoice digitally.
  • Integration – Every aspect of short haul trucking, from dispatch through payment, takes place through our digital platform.

We can be an important part of the solution. We can help businesses reduce their trucking costs by as much as 10-15 percent.

Contact us today at to learn more.

For more information on COVID-19 and how to stay safe, visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

For more information on how the trucking industry is staying safe during COVID-19, visit the American Trucking Association’s resource page.