Larry Pope

Larry Pope brings a different approach to trucking. With a background in the financial industry and a decorated career working for one of the largest financial companies, it was his love of entrepreneurship that motivated him to leave finance and start Andre Tyree Trucking. The company, named in honor and memory of his cousin, today commands an internal fleet of 12 trucks and dispatches up to 150 trucks across multiple states.

Pope utilizes the Iron Sheepdog platform to run Andre Tyree Trucking, as well as to broker outside trucks. From his earliest days, Pope was able to recognize the value that came from setting up and sending jobs through the platform, as well as tracking trucks, collecting digital tickets and automated invoicing.

“Using Iron Sheepdog to broker trucks helps save time that can be spent building other aspects of business,” explained Pope. “In addition, being able to offer analysis tools like breadcrumb tracking or Load Cycle Analysis are really valuable when you market your business to customers.”

Not his only job

Saving time is important when you have as much going on as Pope. Did we mention this is not Pope’s only job? He also serves as the Executive Director of WHOA Behavioral Health and The WHOA Foundation. WHOA stands for We Help Our Adolescents. Its mission is to empower young people and promote positive behavior through compassion, caring and recognition.

Part of the solution

For Iron Sheepdog, Pope’s feedback from using the system has helped spur additional features and functionality for the technology platform. This summer, Iron Sheepdog launches its next version of the software, with expanded capabilities to help brokers like Pope manage his business.

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“My early focus with Iron Sheepdog was to improve my business,” he explains. “Now, I’m looking to grow. We have handled jobs in other states, and I’ve been able to really expand my business.”

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Always giving back

Pope and Iron Sheepdog have also partnered with a Richmond-based organization called Real Life, which helps to transition people out of the criminal justice system by helping them secure employment, housing and support services.

This endeavor combines several passions for Pope. He adds, “I believe in building people up, in business and in life.”


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