Mike Robic first worked with Iron Sheepdog when he was a Project Manager with a large contractor in Southwest Virginia. Between the pandemic and the remote location, company leaders hit a wall looking for trucks and knew they needed a reliable trucking solution.

The management and administrative tools built into the platform were part of what made the Iron Sheepdog solution reliable for Robic and his team. The truck-tracking feature, for example, gave operational teams the ability to see trucks on the dashboard. For projects in rural areas, this was particularly important.

The job and task approval process within Iron Sheepdog’s platform helped the team manage tickets each day, which ensured timely payment to the haulers. This process was key in saving time, project team availability and ensuring billing accuracy.  Receiving one invoice made everything seamless for the accounting department.

As for the haulers, Robic noted that he most often hears from haulers when things go wrong. “I typically hear haulers say that we damaged their truck loading or they had not yet received payment.”

But with Iron Sheepdog, there were no lagging payments, no calls and everyone was happy.

In his new role with MC3 Solutions, Robic intends to utilize the Iron Sheepdog platform again. He knows it will be valuable for helping to navigate routes and track turnaround times as they plan future or monitor active trucking productions.

“Anytime I plan to use trucks, I want to work with Iron Sheepdog,” he says.

“Managing the trucks was night and day from what it used to be,” Robic adds. “Iron Sheepdog made the haulers’ lives and mine a lot easier.”

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