Hauling made simple. Made smart.

Iron Sheepdog, a web-based technology solution and mobile app that helps contractors, material suppliers and brokers manage trucking logistics, has recently launched a new brand and website. This launch brings the company’s brand in alignment with its promise to make hauling simple and smart.

“As a startup in the construction industry, we entered the market running full steam ahead,” explains Jake Liebler, Co-founder and CEO of Iron Sheepdog. “We’ve spent a lot of time proving that our product works, refining our product offerings, and working alongside contractors, brokers and haulers to ensure that our platform – and our team – work for them.”

Established in 2018, Iron Sheepdog connects the functions of ordering, dispatching, tracking and analyzing dump truck hauling. Contractors or material suppliers and brokers can utilize the platform to provide a comprehensive solution for maximizing fleet management. It also simplifies invoicing and hauler payment.

Technology Meets Service

As a company, Iron Sheepdog works to marry technology with customer service. Company founders are from the construction industry with intimate knowledge of trucking management and the transportation logistics industry. They have designed their technology solution to be intuitive and responsive in a dynamic environment. In addition, they have built a team to support contractors, brokers and haulers with hands-on guidance.

“Introducing technology into an industry that still relies on so many manual processes presents a lot of opportunity for improvement,” says Will Lawrence, CTO of Iron Sheepdog. “We designed Iron Sheepdog to be easy to get started, but we always have experts available to help when it’s needed.”

Liebler agrees, “We truly see ourselves as a partner and our teams work directly with contractors, brokers and haulers in the field to make sure their jobs and projects are successful.”

In addition to an updated color palette and photography, the new website more clearly outlines the technology and benefits for anyone who works in short haul trucking. Like its technology, they wanted to create a site that was user-friendly and instinctual.

“Everything about our website now reflects our personality as a company,” Liebler adds. “From our awesome logo to the images and content on our website, we want to show people that we are a capable and experienced team with a lot of grit. And while we take our work very seriously, we like to have fun.”