WAYMAKER FINALWayMaker Contracting founders Brian Taylor and Andre Golanski recently launched a new kind of dump truck broker business. They saw an opportunity to partner with Iron Sheepdog and bring a new level of service to contractors and material suppliers. Ironically, neither founder has ever driven a truck. But each has a background of entrepreneurship and they believe that transparency can change dump truck hauling for the better.

Brian spent most of his career in the health and wellness industry. As an executive, he was focused on operations, building teams and keeping those teams accountable as they set – and achieved – growth goals. Transitioning to the construction industry in recent years showed Brian that his leadership skills were equally valuable across different sectors. Growth potential is, after all, growth potential.

Andre has always worked for himself. After many years running and growing successful companies, from gas stations to restaurants, he has learned what it takes to make a business successful. He was most recently applying his years of professional experience working in all aspects of real estate development. When Brian approached him about a new opportunity in the short haul trucking space, he was intrigued.

It was during the due diligence process that Brian and Andre discovered Iron Sheepdog. They decided right away that launching WayMaker Contracting meant partnering with Iron Sheepdog as their technology platform. They recognized it would help them run their business more efficiently and they knew it would serve as a differentiator in the Northern Virginia market where they launched.

Big Plans

WayMaker founders ultimately have their sights set on creating a multi-state network of hauling services. And they see their Iron Sheepdog relationship as the lynchpin to make that kind of growth a reality.

“With Iron Sheepdog, we can run our business from anywhere,” says Andre. “And we know that contractors in every market enjoy the benefits of tracking, accurate load counts and job costs in real time.”

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A New Kind of Workplace

While WayMaker is not confined to one office or location – working jobs across the NoVa region with independent haulers from all walks of life – Brian and Andre can easily draw parallels to their more traditional work settings.

“Our haulers are all hard workers, and our goal is to keep them busy,” explains Brian. “We develop a nice camaraderie on the job sites and the haulers seem to be enjoying the work.”

Just like the transparency from the Iron Sheepdog platform helps WayMaker provide a high level of customer service to their contractor clients, that same transparency helps build trust and satisfaction with their haulers.

“Our biggest goal is to establish WayMaker Contracting as a trustworthy broker,” adds Andre.


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