Gee Boivert

Greg “Gee” Boivert has taken several chances in life, and they seem to be paying off so far. With every new decision, he’s learning that betting on himself and relying on his work ethic often reap the greatest rewards.

Gee came to the United States from Haiti and went to work in the banking industry, where he quickly found what many people would call success. He was placed in charge of a branch, but he discovered that this role was not his picture of success. He didn’t enjoy encouraging more work out of his team, knowing that the company was a limiting factor in how much they could earn.

Taking a leap of faith

That’s when Gee decided to switch gears and start driving a dump truck. He began by driving for other companies. While he enjoyed the work, he soon realized how much time he spent inside the truck. Having a decent place to work became important, and driving a poorly maintained truck impacted how productive and satisfied he was with the work.

Many people encouraged Gee to purchase his own truck, but he admits he was scared to make that leap. He eventually found the courage and grew from owning one truck to owning four.

While working with a contractor in Richmond, Gee was introduced to Iron Sheepdog as an owner/operator. There was some skepticism from other haulers, but he immediately recognized the potential. Features like digital check in/out of jobs meant less time collecting and reconciling tickets. Over time, when the app started offering digital payments to haulers, Gee was convinced this was a better solution.

“I saw the value of the technology as a tool, and I wanted to be part of it,” he explains.

Iron Sheepdog helped Gee move from owner/operator to broker. He used the platform to set up and dispatch jobs, track haulers on the job and communicate more effectively. As an early adopter, he was able to provide feedback to Iron Sheepdog engineers and help shape the development of the platform to ensure that it worked well for brokers and drivers.

Safety first and safety again

With a business philosophy that boasts “safety first and safety again,” Gee likes the enhanced communication features of the platform. Communicating with an entire fleet through the app helps when aspects of the job change or if safety messages need to be relayed quickly. He also likes seeing haulers on the job in real time through the platform, saving time and multiple phone calls when questions arise.

As part of the Iron Sheepdog broker network, Gee enjoys the customer service, transparency and reliability he can provide for contractors and haulers.

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Hard work pays off

Today, Gee brokers as many as 70 trucks with a vision for even more growth. He is based in the Richmond, Va., market but is looking to expand his footprint to other regions.

“Growing in other markets would not be possible without technology,” Gee says. “But after working with Iron Sheepdog, I see how it can be done.”


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