As young as 10, James “Big Red” Sinclair would draw pictures of himself driving big trucks. It is something he has always wanted to do. As an adult, he fulfilled that dream, initially driving for other companies. His work ethic was noticed and he became a truck foreman. The company owners were more like parents and mentors as he learned the business. After the owner passed away, his wife helped Big Red purchase his first truck.

On a new path that included growing his fleet and still driving for himself and other companies, Big Red was immersed in truck life – eating and sleeping in his truck while running day and night jobs. His hard work paid off; to date, he has owned 38 trucks while brokering many more independent contractors for jobs of every size and complexity.

Working alongside his daughter and company Vice President Kiara Lester; General Manager James “Butterbean” Norris; Office Manager Debbie Edwards; Dispatcher Sharon Holmes; and Mechanic Bubba Vaugh, Predestined Hauling, LLC manages trucking throughout southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

Skeptic to advocate

Self-described as “old school,” Big Red did not initially jump at the chance to work with a technology startup like Iron Sheepdog. His skepticism turned into curiosity when he saw several subcontractors leaving to work on the Iron Sheepdog app.

Big Red’s general manager, Butterbean, liked the software and the Iron Sheepdog team. It was meeting the team in person that helped change Big Red’s mind about the potential of the software platform and app.

“I like being able to follow the trucks through the technology,” Big Red admits. “And it has saved time spent on weekends reconciling tickets and accounting.”

Now, the entire Predestined Hauling team can better manage trucking with a platform that makes life easier. Big Red can stay involved as he needs to; Butterbean can track everything in real time and approve daily tasks; Sharon can set up and send jobs through the platform; and the automated invoicing system helps to create a better work/life balance for Kiara, a mother of five, and Debbie.

“Iron Sheepdog can facilitate growth by allowing us to go after bigger jobs without adding resources,” says Big Red.

His vision is to grow Predestined Hauling into a “super broker” with a sizable roster of trucks that can manage much larger and more complex jobs.

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Divinely inspired

When it came to forming and naming his own company, Big Red was inspired by the Bible scripture, Psalms 118:23, Romans 8:29:

For those whom God foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed in the image of His Son, so that He might be the firstborn among many brothers

Predestined Hauling was named as a reflection and reminder of where Big Red has come from and to whom he owes his success. Sixteen years sober after battling drug addiction, he credits God for bringing him through and gives glory to God in gratitude. It is also a constant reminder for Big Red and his team to care for others.

“Outreach is very important to us,” he adds. “Whether collecting coats for donation, fixing up cars for the battered women’s shelter, or handing out turkeys at the holidays, we need to give back. I believe that you reap what you sow.”


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